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Sign Enhancers American Sign Language Productions


Sign Enhancers, Inc. was founded in 1987 and incorporated in 1989 by Jenna Cassell, media producer and educator. The company was established in response to the growing need for American Sign Language and Interpreter Education materials throughout the US and Canada and quickly grew into a leader in the production of such materials.

In the past twenty years, Sign Enhancers, Inc. has produced nearly 200 sign language-related multi-media products including award-winning DVDs, videotapes, texts, and CD-ROM. The company also distributes products produced by other companies products sold internationally via mail order and the Internet (www.signenhancers.com).

Among its many accomplishments, Sign Enhancers released Bravo ASL! Curriculum, one of the few comprehensive American Sign Language curriculum available in the country appropriate for middle school, high school, and college classes. This unique program includes mega support for ASL teachers in the form of a 924-page Instructor’s Guide, 13 hours of media, fun and effective in-class and homework activities, as well as standardized assessments.

Jenna CassellThe Bravo ASL! Curriculum and the Beginning American Sign Language VideoCourse are extremely popular in schools, colleges/universities, and libraries throughout the US and Canada. The program is also being translated into other sign languages (including Croatian).  This has become the ASL instructional program of choice due to its’ user-friendly organization and the comprehensiveness of the content. Teachers can follow the step-by-step instructions easily and the thirteen hours of accompanying media make it the most effective program available. The videotapes include cultural information, grammatical instruction and fun dramatizations of a family with both Deaf and hearing members.

Sign Enhancers decided to produce a consumer version of the Beginning ASL VideoCourse to make it affordable for families with Deaf children and individuals who want to learn ASL. This 4-time award-winning program was officially released January 1, 1998. You Can Sign: American Sign Language For Beginners. Viewers learn over 500 signs and ASL grammar. The lessons are thematic and immediately applied to daily life situations. Includes five and one-half hours of fun and effective ASL lessons.

Sign Enhancers has experienced tremendous growth over the past two decades. The company’s product line has won such prestigious recognition as: The Telly Award, Parents’ Choice Honors, Kids First, Cascade Award, International Television Association Awards, and others. Sign Enhancers’ most recent accomplishment includes a prestigious 2007 Telly award.

In 2004, Jenna Cassell founded a new corporation, American Sign Language Productions, Inc. As ASL Productions, Ms. Cassell converted all Sign Enhancers’ video products to an updated DVD format. This afforded all the products the interactivity of current technologies and provided users with increased access to these award-winning linguistic samples.

ASL Productions has continued the tradition of prolific production with many new ASL and interpreting products. The newest being a two-DVD series entitled Fingerspelling: Comprehension in Context.  The first program focuses on well-known Deaf adults, and the second includes multiple samples of d/Deaf children. An additional feature to these 2007 releases are “Pace Assisted Fingerspelling” in which the signing occurs at a natural pace, but the fingerspelling is slowed to 50%. Viewers have their choice with the click of a button.

These will be featured, along with many new interpreting model DVDs at the 2007 RID convention in San Francisco August 2-7th. ASL Productions and Sign Enhancers will have a presence in the exhibit hall. Please stop by if you are there!

If you are interested in learning ASL, want to learn or enhance your interpreting skills, need to earn CEUs, or just want to learn one of the most used languages in the US…we sincerely hope you find the support you need on our website. We would like to put sign language in YOUR hands!

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