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Whether you are just beginning to learn American Sign Language (ASL) or are a professional interpreter, we have what you need to succeed. Specialized ASL & Interpreting DVDs, books, curricula and online media, all carefully designed, with your success in mind. Learn and earn CEUs with our Independent Studies!

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New and Featured Products

Interactive Discourse Series

Now you can… DO, VIEW and IMPROVE!

All interpreting certification tests include interactive discourse and all language learning is based upon modeling, so shouldn’t your practice materials include both? Now they do! Practice with interactive discourse samples that include the chance to interpret ASL-to-English and English-to-ASL! Do the work yourself, and then view three excellent certified interpreters’ work; interpretation, transliteration and even an excellent CDI demonstration. You’ll be amazed how much your skills will improve!

Video Tutorials: Technology that Teaches

With teachers like; Jenna Cassell, Lou Fant, Jan Humphrey and Melissa Smith, this is a must have for all interpreters!

If it sometimes seems like the hands move faster than your eyes, here’s a great resource for you. Not only do you see some of our best interpreters demonstrating their skills for you… there are graphic overlays pointing out exactly how they do what they do! Use of space, ASL grammatical aspects, matching affect, sign utilization, modifiers, non-manual markers and more! Like your own personal mentor, these programs show you how to notice, understand and make these skills your very own.


The ASL & Interpreting media lab that comes to you! Get your skills up to speed…Internet speed!

Improve your skills with 24/7 online access to Sign Enhancers On Demand. Lots of FREE preview videos to help you subscribe to the perfect resources for YOUR professional needs.

Go to ASL On Demand! or Beam me up!


EYE BEFORE YOU BUY: Free video samples for you! Just click and play…

American Sign Language (ASL)

Whether you are just learning ASL or have been signing for years and want to improve, we have something to help you succeed! We have many native ASL users providing interesting and challenging ASL comprehension learning opportunities. All ASL instructional media is available online and On Demand as well as on DVDs.

Teachers and students throughout the US and Canada love succeeding with the Bravo ASL! Curriculum. All the fifteen video lessons are now available online and on DVDs.


Improve fingerspelling comprehension! Do you ever feel “the fingers move quicker than YOUR eyes?” The programs in this section have a unique option for “PACE ASSISTED FINGERSPELLING™.” The signing stays at a natural pace, but you are given a hand with the fingerspelling pace! Receive exposure to a variety of signers; adults and/or children. Samples are packed with names, dates and numbers within the context of signed stories. Learn to use contextual cues to increase your comprehension and confidence.


Our interpreting media resources help you succeed with; Beginning, intermediate and advanced interpreting, interpreter certification preparation, educational interpreting while earning CEUs. Available on DVDs or online and On Demand!

Deaf Culture

Learn about the people who use ASL! Deaf culture autobiographies and Deaf Culture Lectures provide great linguistic practice while teaching you about Deaf Culture! Available on DVDs or online and On Demand!

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